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REM Development

To support the industry, the REM team continues to refine the new hourly simulation engine options, which will support required changes in the HERS Rating industry as well as time-of-use utility costs and the increasingly complex capabilities of many types of heating and cooling equipment. The REM team also is refining plans for the expansion of REM capabilities and collaborations.

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REM/Rate™ Desktop

REM/Rate™ Software is used by organizations which conduct Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS®) Ratings. Now includes an hourly simulation engine! HERS® rates the energy efficiency of homes for identifying cost-effective improvements and providing energy-efficient mortgages. Climate data is available for cities and towns throughout North America.


Version 16.3.4 HotFix 1020

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Build History


HotFix 1020

  • Critical Fix - Found an internal error which would cause an engine failure for some balanced ducts work.
  • Critical Fix - Discovered a change in RESNET QA would fail a building with Note content of special characters. It would reject the building with no error listed. Added code to encode the special characters in the note.
  • Prevented -0.0 from showing up. Was changed to 0.0. For clarification in floating point both -0.0 and 0.0 are identical but are allowed.
Free 14-day trial

REM/Design™ Desktop

User-friendly and highly-sophisticated, REM/Design™ software calculates heating, cooling, domestic hot water, lighting and appliance loads, consumption, and costs based on a description of the home's design and construction features as well as local climate and energy cost data.

REM Software

REM/Rate™ and REM/Design™ desktop applications have been the industry standard for HERSĀ® Ratings and home energy analysis/weatherization. Both programs are also great for use within residential energy efficiency rebate programs. They provide valuable information about energy performance to electric and gas utility companies as well as their program implementers and evaluators who want to predict and assess new and existing single family homes. IECC code compliance is also supported by REM software.

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